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originally from Ukraine, currently living in Toronto, got my degree from University of Toronto, switched a number of subjects, ended up with Biology and Economics degree, now working in IT and other industries. trying to travel as often as I can, have been to most of north america, but always need to do more..more europe and latin america are on the list. love learning languages, spanish, french and hebrew currently in progress)
have 2 awesome dachshunds:) they pull me out from home and make me move move move as otherwise I tend to grow roots near my computer.
been a strict vegan for some time, lately I started to get more and more interested in raw vegan eating, stopped drinking all alcohol and coffee, and actually felt the difference. so will be rambling about whatever vegan/raw recipes I have accumulated by now, and different great things I've seen in some of my road trips, mostly american and canadian for now.

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