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Jul. 17th, 2012

[sticky post] Restaurants & Hotels Reviews

Yay! Finally I can pin the posts at the top, so from now on all reviews will go into this one.

This post I'll update every time I write a new part.


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Jul. 24th, 2015

Day 4 of JUICE&SMOOTHIE CHALLENGE! Nettle Orange Juice

Day 4 of JUICE&SMOOTHIE CHALLENGE is going great. Started the day with a warm glass of lemon water, as usual. The weakness that began on Wednesday is receding and I’m feeling much more energetic than yesterday. Still walking instead of jogging, but hopefully will do some biking tonight. Weight is releasing slowly – 4 Lbs so far, but I know this weight will not come back after this juice&smoothie fast is done.

During a walk in local park I found plenty of the amazing (and super stingy!) fresh stinging nettle. Perfect timing! That’s exactly the ingredient I could use for my today’s juices, so I harvested quite a bit of it and was juicing nettle all day. Check out my post on benefits of this awesome herb.

 photo DSC_7170upd_zps7oqg9fkr.jpg

Day 3 of JUICE&SMOOTHIE CHALLENGE! Grape Peach Smoothie

Started the day with a glass of lemon water, as usual. And then – loads more peachy smoothies on Day 3 of my Juice&Smoothie Challenge! :D Peach abundance in my fridge is still high, peaches are amazing in smoothies, so that is why the main ingredient is still the same today. To make it more interesting though, I added grapes and some raspberries. Mmm… ;)

Compared to the previous two days, I’m feeling slightly tired – same thing I have experienced during my previous juice fasts. Based on my experience and knowledge, I know that this is happening because of a detox that my body is going through right now. When we feed our bodies with easily digestible foods such as juices and smoothies, our system doesn’t need to waste time and resources on digestion and is now able and available to start fixing any issues on a full-time basis. Giving your body a week to do this internal cleanse is usually sufficient to go through this whole process and achieve feeling energetic and more vibrant than before the fast. Coming back to elevated energy levels happens for me after the 5th day.

 photo DSC_0210 blog_zpszfzpqgji.jpg


My day 2 of JUICE&SMOOTHIE CHALLENGE. Got rid of 2 lbs by now, while feeling happy, light and energetic! How amazing is that? Delicious unlimited juices and smoothies all day, extra energy and getting rid of unwanted couple pounds? No diet in the world can offer you such fantastic results, but raw veganism! Overall, my fast is looking amazing as always, going strong! :D Just to clarify, for this Challenge you will have to make one type of juice/smoothie and have it as many times as you want that day.

Today’s deliciousness was this peachy smoothie, same one as I had on Sunday. I bought tons of fresh ripe peaches from farmers market that day and now I have peachy overload in my fridge, so gotta do something about it. And this something will obviously be smoothies! :)
 photo DSC_0246 blog_zpsb6mw9jch.jpg

Day 1 Raw Vegan Juice & Smoothie Challenge! Carrot Juice

Hey guys! As promised through my Instagram account @vegantraveling today I’m starting my 7-day JUICE & SMOOTHIE Challenge. I do this kind of “fasts” regularly because it always gives me plenty of energy, feeling light and positive, as well as helps me get rid of unwanted 1 or 2 lbs as an added benefit. This kind of weekly challenges improves my digestion and metabolism. Just these things I mentioned altogether combine into a huge inspiration to repeat juice&smoothie fasts again and again.

Usually I do strictly juice fasts. This time I decided to repeat the challenge on both juices & smoothies because there’s such a great abundance of unjuiceable fruits that could be used in smoothies, and I wouldn’t want to miss out on delicious fruits in the mids of July. Plus, the main reason for this fast is the crazy heat that we happen to have now in Seattle, so I decided to take this ‘bad’ and make it into a ‘good’ :D

  • If you want to join me for this Challenge, then let’s do it and support each other along the way! Follow me on Instagram @vegantraveling. Post pictures of your smoothies/juices and tag #vtjschallenge;

  • If you are not ready to do the complete Challenge, but still want to participate – then just have at least one juice or smoothie per day, post its picture daily, follow me on Instagram and tag those pics #vtjschallenge.

  • And don’t forget to check out the Juice&Smoothie Challenge Tips! Read the rest of the post here

 photo DSC_7959 upd_zps0cgrtsxk.jpg

Starting Juice & Smoothie Challenge!

Went to our local farmers market today (I like Sundays markets in case you didn’t notice lol) and now we have an amazing fruity and veggie abundance in our fridge. Got especially amazing peaches and nectarines, yum! But now we have to make sure to consume all that greens and peachy cornucopia, so I’m thinking to have a 7-day Juice & Smoothie Challenge! Looks like a great idea to me, because smoothies are healthy, they use lots of greens and fruits, veggies can be juiced, and plus the weather is actively cooperating – currently it’s 36 degrees Celsius (which would 96.8 Fahrenheit ;) ) and I’m permanently feeling tired and worn out. So Juice & Smoothie Challenge it is! Yay :D I’ve done many of these previously and every time the results are great: my energy levels at the end of the “fast” are higher than before, I feel light and happy, and plus I always get to get rid of those annoying couple pounds, all of which make such “fasts” into an amazing experience!

Now, here’s how I will do this Challenge:

  • I will re-watch the amazing movie called “Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead” – this movie is a huge motivation! It also goes through a bunch of important moments on health during such fasts, so I would really recommend watching it online;

  • Every morning I’ll drink a glass of warm lemon water;

  • Each day I will choose a type of juice or smoothie and then stick to this same recipe for that whole day. No other food will be eaten for these 7 days;

  • There’s no restriction on how much juice or smoothie I will have, so I’ll drink as much of the same juice/smoothie as I feel like! :) It’s very hard to overeat natural food like fruits and veggies, and yet even if you eat too much there’s no harm as it will all digest perfectly. One of the reasons I love raw vegan lifestyle!

  • I will continue to drink clean filtered water throughout the day as muc Read the rest of the post here

 photo DSC_0258 blog_zpsahnmsrhq.jpg

Feb. 18th, 2015

I started my Instagram!

Hey guys!! Loooong time no posting.

I finally started my Instagram account and I love it so much that it looks like I'm moving over there. Find me on there and let's stay in touch!!


 photo _DSC4664_zps4jj7166r.jpg

Jul. 13th, 2014

new stuff

Hey guys, super loooong time no posting. The fact is that we have moved to Seattle!!! yay yay!
The city is fantastic, but of course moving and settling take quite a bit of time and energy (and $$ ohhh), so I couldn't find much time to do pleasant leisure things like continuing with my LJ. But finally I'm back on here again and ready to share more news/photos/recipes and other great stuff :)

Most recent addiction - red cabbage! It's so great in any type of salads or simply lightly sauteed, I'm in love. Here's a pic of my regular salad these days:

 photo IMAG0033_zps0e314f05.jpg

- 1 average carrot, chopped
- 1-2 tbsp fresh parsley, chopped
- 1 small green onion
- 3 tbsp finely chopped red cabbage
- some avocado, sliced
- 1 large tomato
- 1/2 tbsp lemon juice
- salt & pepper to taste

amazing raw deliciousness to enjoy! :)

I do have to say that during our drive from Toronto to Seattle I did actually get off veganism on some pizza and cookies in Wisconsin, and oh I wish I hadn't done it - couple days later my face got covered in pimples and I put on several hard-to-get-rid-of-lbs. So, next time I'd want to eat some non-vegan food I likely will be quite hesitant as this experience terrified me, especially when looking in the mirror, a lot! lol. So yeh..again and again, go veganism.

Feb. 3rd, 2014

Chinese Mushrooms & Vegetables Soup

Inspired by our local Chinese vegetarian restaurant, I decided to skip driving there for take-out and just make this easy soup at home. Not sure what are the original condiments, but I guessed there should be thick soya sauce, vegetable oil and of course sesame oil. Adding small amounts of each I finally got almost exactly the same taste, actually it's even better! :)

 photo IMAG3389_zps4ade8ebc.jpg
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Feb. 1st, 2014

Earth Breathing

Happy 1st of February everyone! There's less and less of winter remaining with every day - although today it is snowing in T.o, yesterday I saw flocks of starlings flying around our bird feeders, so if they came back Spring must be around the corner :)

On the same subject, wanted to share this awesome compilation of images from NASA showing the snow distribution throughout the year around north pole - original images and story are here. Earth is totally breathing and it's mesmerizing.

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